Spa & Wellness

At Ocean Pearl Resort & Spa there’s no dearth of options for rejuvenating and spending a leisure time. The Spa is the right choice for those looking out for a complete regeneration of body, mind and soul. The well-equipped fitness centre is a haven for those who love to pump some iron and work out to shape their bodies. Abundant recreation activities are planned for you, be it the specially dedicated Recreation Room, a wide Western Swimming Pool and a small baby pool. A well-maintained Jacuzzi provides the right stimuli to the senses with its bubbling jets of water.


Ocean Pearl Spa and Wellness Centre offers the right mix of ayurvedic and modern therapeutic techniques to its clients with 2 Ayurvedic Rooms, 1 Unisex Salon and 1 Western Massage Room.  Experience a sojourn of great rejuvenation and a short but memorable escape from the rigmarole of life and work.


For fitness freaks and the die-hard health conscious this is the right place to burn out calories and chill in an ambience well-suited to their spirits. The centre is well-equipped with the latest fitness machines and a trainer to assist you in completing your workout session. Those who love to spend time toning their body and mind get the right stimulus here.


Recreation Room is specially created for those with a mind to relax in the company of their friends, family or enjoy a game of Table Tennis, Billiards, Chess, Indoor Badminton and Indoor Cricket at leisure.


Enjoy a refreshing splash in the cool blue waters any time of the day or simply wind down at the fantastic poolside of the Western Swimming Pool. Measuring 20 meters in length, the pool is open for ardent swimmers between 08.00 a.m. and 08.00 p.m.


Babies can have their fun time too enjoying a cool splash in baby pool. Just 1 feet deep and 10 feet long, the pool accommodates all babies comfortably while offering them an exciting playing and refreshing pastime. Jacuzzi lovers can have an invigorating session in the 4 feet deep and 6 feet long Jacuzzi open between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.