The Property

The Ocean Pearl Mangalore

The Ocean Pearl hotel at Mangalore, one of the finest from The Ocean Pearl stable, stands true to its name with architecture, hospitality and an experience as rare and exquisite as the pristine pearl in the ocean. It is conceptualized and developed to cater to the leisure travelers, business travelers and those looking for corporate and family events alike.

How to Reach

Airport: 14 km

Mangalore Railway Station: 2 km

Located on Mangalore - Nava Bharath Circle

Around Mangalore

Mangala Devi Temple: The Mangalore city gets its name from this temple. The temple is situated 3 kms from the center of the city. The Temple was built by the sage Kundavarma as per the advice of two Nepalese sages during the 10th century. The temple is all decked up during the nine days of navarathri, popularly called as Dassara.

Kadri Manjunatha Temple: Kadri Manjunatha temple is 5 Kms away from Mangalore city. This temple dates back to 1068 AD and is the oldest Shiva temple in the peninsular India. The “Caves of Pandavas”, ever-flowing water from the “Gomukha” and the bronze statue of Padmanatha Lokeshwara are the main attractions of this temple.

Jogi Mutt at Kadri: Near the Kadri temple on the top of the hill the tourist can see the 3 small Gudies of Mathsyendranath, Chouranginath & Ghorakshakanath. There are caves popularly known as “Pandava Caves” near the mutts.

Mahaganapathi Temple Sharavu: This temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha is situated in the heart of the city i.e. at Sharavu. This temple is also one of the anciant temples of D.K. The temple is built in 14th century by Tuluva King Veerabahu.

Gokarnath Temple: The temple was constructed by Sri Narayan Guru in 1912 and was renovated in the Chola style. It is situated 3 Kms from the city. The annua festival of the temple is during the Dasara. The nine holy nights are celebrated with grandeur and on the 9th day there will be a grand procession.